The New King

Making the Rounds

Town of Port

Captain’s log Stardate 4.4972.5

I decided to head over the town of Port. While there check upon things to see if anyone needs help. When we get there it appears that some people do need help. The farmers have been attacked by goblins more frequently. It appears that we will have to do something about that.

In Port I ran into a moogle named Mog. How did he get ahead of us considering the last time I saw him was in the city of Baron. The black mage who considers himself a war mage, went to the local shops to buy stuff. The rangers went to buy some arrows and drinks,

An orc named Krag talked to a farmer just outside of town. The farmer told him that his wife was kidnapped. Could he please help. He believes that the king of the Bugbears has taken her. If she is alive bring her back, if not bring his head back. I will pay you what I can as a reward.
Well I guess we will just have to investigate what is going on.

What an interesting Quest the king put me on. Oh well.



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