The New King

The Star Ruby

Captain’s Log Stardate 4.4297.20

When we get to the castle it has been decimated. There are a few soldier still alive. We made are way up to the top floor to find Anna on the floor dying. With some bard standing over her. Tellah flies into a rage and immediately starts attacking the bard. Anna yells for her father to stop fighting.She tells him that Edward is the prince of this kingdom and that the only way for him to see her was to disguise himself as a bard. She wanted to tell him but there was no time. Anna dies. The bard Edward tells the party at large that the kingdom of Baron is now being run a person called Golbez. Tellah storms off saying something about him getting revenge on Golbez.

Edward ask why we are here. I tell him about Rosa being sick with dessert fever. He says that the only way to cure it is with the Star Ruby. he says that it is guarded by a Monster called Antlion, but that it is docile with the royal family. We go to the cave of the Antlion by way of a hovercraft that the royal family owns. When we get to the bottom of the cave the Antlion attacks him. We all go to help him out. After the defeat of the Antlion we head over to Kaipo to cure Rosa. We talk over what to do next. We eventually decide to head over to Fabul.


Stardate 4.4297.18

We headed out to the South east entrance of the Underground waterway that connects Damcyan castle to Kaipo. In the waterway we found a old man on a bridge. He was happy to see a Dark Knight. Whatever. He was hoping that we could help him with a creature that was blocking the exit. He also recognize Rydia for what she was. For some reason, the black mage, magician, whatever he wants to call himself had us explore the entire cave. Not that I am complaining about the treasure that we found or any thing, but he is really greedy. Always has someone checking for false bottoms on the chest. Among the treasure that we found, I got an upgrade to my armor.I was surprised that there was some zombies in here, but we took care of them. We were running into Giant Toads, Sahagin, and aligators in there. Getting to the exit, in the second part of the underground waterway, is something that I don’t ever want to do again. We had to fall or jump down, in the dark. why doesn’t someone build stairs or something. People could die doing that shit. The monster blocking the exit was some kind of huge octopus with some intelligence. For it did talk to us. But we defeated it. Yay. We went through t he exit. By the next late afternoon we came into sight of Damcyan castle. I was happy that we were almost there. Not so much when I saw it attacked by the Red Wings of Baron.

Something else to worry about.
Rosa is sick

Stardate 4.4297.15

We venture into the desert of Damcyan kingdom, hoping that Baron soilders will not come looking for us.. We are battling Hundlegs a giant centipede type creature. As well as tiny mages and desert Sahagin. We finally make it to a town. It is called Kaipo, I believe. When the Innkeeper see that we have a young girl with us and is sick he lets us stay for free. She wakes up long enough, for me to apologize to her. Hoping that I will be allowed to protect her..During the course of the night, a general and some soldiers come in demanding that we turn over the girl to them. What are they thinking. After all I have been through. We killed them. the girl told us her name. It is Rydia. She hopes that we did not get into trouble cause of her. The following day we explore Kaipo.
I found out that Rosa followed me out here thinking that I was dead. I wish that she didn’t. I am not worth it. She has come down with Desert Fever. The only known cure in the Sand Pearl. It is found somewhere in the Damcyan region. We have to go to their palace anyway to warn the king about Baron. We are told that there is an old man looking to travel to the palace. Something about a bard kidnapping his daughter. Why do these things keep piling up on me?

The Girl
Lost of a village

Stardate 4.4972.12

We head into the village no sooner that we look around than the package that we were carrying burst open. These wierd Fire Elementals come out and start attacking everything and everyone. How can the king do this. They were not a threat. WHY WOULD HE DO THIS! We try helping the people. I hear a child cry out. When we get to her she is leaning a woman. Saying “Mom, mom. Wake up. Please wake up.” We asks what happened. She tells us that her mom collapsed. She says that this must be cause her dragon has died. Kain pulls me back and say that she most likely died when we killed that dragon. HE then tells me, we have to kill her because of the mission. There is no way, NO WAY I am going to kill a child. I tell him this and he agrees. However, she overhears that we killed the dragon and starts attacking us. In a fit of rage She summons up a Titan who brings both fist down slamming the ground causing an earthquake. We are all thrown about. I come to. and I see my party all about me and the girl. I everyone starts to come around. the white mage can’t do anything for the little girl. He wants to go back and help the village.We let him go cause I want to help the world. I know that this can not be the only target. But first we have to get to a village. So now we are with out a Healer. great. Just great what else can go wrong.

The Cave of Myst

Stardate 4.4972.11

We have finally reach the cave. It is understandable why they called it the cave of Myst. There is a fog/ myst inside. We have encountered Troglodytes and oozes.There were some goblins as well but they were just looking for a place to live. There was some chest in here that were placed here sometime ago, but I know not by who.Along the way we kept on hearing a voice telling us to go back. We had our mission to accomplish. We pressed on. It turns out that the Voice came from a dragon. A DRAGON! Come on. We managed to defeat the dragon, but this is the first that I heard about the dragon made out of myst. When we come out of the cave, a few miles away is a village. This must be the village that we seek.

Making the Rounds
Town of Port

Captain’s log Stardate 4.4972.5

I decided to head over the town of Port. While there check upon things to see if anyone needs help. When we get there it appears that some people do need help. The farmers have been attacked by goblins more frequently. It appears that we will have to do something about that.

In Port I ran into a moogle named Mog. How did he get ahead of us considering the last time I saw him was in the city of Baron. The black mage who considers himself a war mage, went to the local shops to buy stuff. The rangers went to buy some arrows and drinks,

An orc named Krag talked to a farmer just outside of town. The farmer told him that his wife was kidnapped. Could he please help. He believes that the king of the Bugbears has taken her. If she is alive bring her back, if not bring his head back. I will pay you what I can as a reward.
Well I guess we will just have to investigate what is going on.

What an interesting Quest the king put me on. Oh well.
Starting Out
Star date 4.4972.3

Well I wake up get ready to leave and meet the main hall with Kain. We go down the stairs, through the hall, and pass the main gate. There waiting for us, is the new recruits. How about that. Well they’re a glutton for punishment, but I’m glad that they are here all the same. I tell them that I think that they should go back. They decided to stay with me. Oh well.
I think that I’ll head to town to gather some supplies, before I start the journey. While in town I go check on Rosa’s mom. As usual, she tells me not to lead Rosa on if I’m not serious about her. I tell her that I am and that I would not do anything to hurt her.
Feeling down I do some shopping and head over to Cid’s place. His daughter is there. like always she is concern about her father. She tells me, that she is sorry that I lost command of the Red Wings. She also says to tell her father not to push himself so hard. I tell her that is like telling a bird not to fly. I spend time there to give the recruits time in town. It has been awhile since they had time away from there studies. Mid tells me that there is some trouble over in the small village to the north. It has been some time since I made my rounds, so why not head over to the village and see what is happening.
The following day, I tell them where we are going, but not the full reason why. The white mage gives me a an inquisitive look but keeps the opinions to himself. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank goodness, the black mage didn’t drink to much, they blow up enough stuff when they’re sober

Tag Alongs

Well when I got up this morning, I only expected to go with Kain. Seems that the new recruits, from the last training mission, wants to go along. I told them that they are allowed to do as they pleased. For they haved graduated from the academy.

We stop in town to get some supplies. Before I left, I had to assure Cid that I would be careful and to tell him to look after Rosa. It has been awhile since I had to travel on foot. So we headed to a forrest where I had heard that a group of chocobos lived. If we were lucky enough. We could catch some and ride them to the neaest town.

Though I am no longer Captain of the Red Wings, I still have my duties as a Dark Knight to do. That includes inspections of the towns and villages that I pass through. This is to see that everyone is alright. Though, I suspect it is so that they can keep paying taxes, not for any real care about the people.

The black mage, Thomas I think his name is, said that he will keep track of the treasure that we find.

Captain's log
Star date 4.4972.2

We have just returned from Mysidia, after recovering the crystal. The cadets perfomed well. But I still don’t understand why we had to take it from them. When I question the king about it he reacted hashly. This is not like him. Kain and I have a new mission. for some reason the cadets are acting weird. Whatever. I have been removed from the the Red Wings, much to the dislike of the crew.

Rosa seemed upset when I told her I was going out again. Cid was upset that Rosa was upset. I was allowed to take some stuff with me from the vault. Still as long as Kain is coming along Everything will be alright.

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