The New King


Stardate 4.4297.18

We headed out to the South east entrance of the Underground waterway that connects Damcyan castle to Kaipo. In the waterway we found a old man on a bridge. He was happy to see a Dark Knight. Whatever. He was hoping that we could help him with a creature that was blocking the exit. He also recognize Rydia for what she was. For some reason, the black mage, magician, whatever he wants to call himself had us explore the entire cave. Not that I am complaining about the treasure that we found or any thing, but he is really greedy. Always has someone checking for false bottoms on the chest. Among the treasure that we found, I got an upgrade to my armor.I was surprised that there was some zombies in here, but we took care of them. We were running into Giant Toads, Sahagin, and aligators in there. Getting to the exit, in the second part of the underground waterway, is something that I don’t ever want to do again. We had to fall or jump down, in the dark. why doesn’t someone build stairs or something. People could die doing that shit. The monster blocking the exit was some kind of huge octopus with some intelligence. For it did talk to us. But we defeated it. Yay. We went through t he exit. By the next late afternoon we came into sight of Damcyan castle. I was happy that we were almost there. Not so much when I saw it attacked by the Red Wings of Baron.



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