The New King

The Girl

Lost of a village

Stardate 4.4972.12

We head into the village no sooner that we look around than the package that we were carrying burst open. These wierd Fire Elementals come out and start attacking everything and everyone. How can the king do this. They were not a threat. WHY WOULD HE DO THIS! We try helping the people. I hear a child cry out. When we get to her she is leaning a woman. Saying “Mom, mom. Wake up. Please wake up.” We asks what happened. She tells us that her mom collapsed. She says that this must be cause her dragon has died. Kain pulls me back and say that she most likely died when we killed that dragon. HE then tells me, we have to kill her because of the mission. There is no way, NO WAY I am going to kill a child. I tell him this and he agrees. However, she overhears that we killed the dragon and starts attacking us. In a fit of rage She summons up a Titan who brings both fist down slamming the ground causing an earthquake. We are all thrown about. I come to. and I see my party all about me and the girl. I everyone starts to come around. the white mage can’t do anything for the little girl. He wants to go back and help the village.We let him go cause I want to help the world. I know that this can not be the only target. But first we have to get to a village. So now we are with out a Healer. great. Just great what else can go wrong.



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