The New King

The Cave of Myst

Stardate 4.4972.11

We have finally reach the cave. It is understandable why they called it the cave of Myst. There is a fog/ myst inside. We have encountered Troglodytes and oozes.There were some goblins as well but they were just looking for a place to live. There was some chest in here that were placed here sometime ago, but I know not by who.Along the way we kept on hearing a voice telling us to go back. We had our mission to accomplish. We pressed on. It turns out that the Voice came from a dragon. A DRAGON! Come on. We managed to defeat the dragon, but this is the first that I heard about the dragon made out of myst. When we come out of the cave, a few miles away is a village. This must be the village that we seek.



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