The New King

Tag Alongs

Well when I got up this morning, I only expected to go with Kain. Seems that the new recruits, from the last training mission, wants to go along. I told them that they are allowed to do as they pleased. For they haved graduated from the academy.

We stop in town to get some supplies. Before I left, I had to assure Cid that I would be careful and to tell him to look after Rosa. It has been awhile since I had to travel on foot. So we headed to a forrest where I had heard that a group of chocobos lived. If we were lucky enough. We could catch some and ride them to the neaest town.

Though I am no longer Captain of the Red Wings, I still have my duties as a Dark Knight to do. That includes inspections of the towns and villages that I pass through. This is to see that everyone is alright. Though, I suspect it is so that they can keep paying taxes, not for any real care about the people.

The black mage, Thomas I think his name is, said that he will keep track of the treasure that we find.



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