The New King

Something else to worry about.

Rosa is sick

Stardate 4.4297.15

We venture into the desert of Damcyan kingdom, hoping that Baron soilders will not come looking for us.. We are battling Hundlegs a giant centipede type creature. As well as tiny mages and desert Sahagin. We finally make it to a town. It is called Kaipo, I believe. When the Innkeeper see that we have a young girl with us and is sick he lets us stay for free. She wakes up long enough, for me to apologize to her. Hoping that I will be allowed to protect her..During the course of the night, a general and some soldiers come in demanding that we turn over the girl to them. What are they thinking. After all I have been through. We killed them. the girl told us her name. It is Rydia. She hopes that we did not get into trouble cause of her. The following day we explore Kaipo.
I found out that Rosa followed me out here thinking that I was dead. I wish that she didn’t. I am not worth it. She has come down with Desert Fever. The only known cure in the Sand Pearl. It is found somewhere in the Damcyan region. We have to go to their palace anyway to warn the king about Baron. We are told that there is an old man looking to travel to the palace. Something about a bard kidnapping his daughter. Why do these things keep piling up on me?



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