The New King

Starting Out

Star date 4.4972.3

Well I wake up get ready to leave and meet the main hall with Kain. We go down the stairs, through the hall, and pass the main gate. There waiting for us, is the new recruits. How about that. Well they’re a glutton for punishment, but I’m glad that they are here all the same. I tell them that I think that they should go back. They decided to stay with me. Oh well.
I think that I’ll head to town to gather some supplies, before I start the journey. While in town I go check on Rosa’s mom. As usual, she tells me not to lead Rosa on if I’m not serious about her. I tell her that I am and that I would not do anything to hurt her.
Feeling down I do some shopping and head over to Cid’s place. His daughter is there. like always she is concern about her father. She tells me, that she is sorry that I lost command of the Red Wings. She also says to tell her father not to push himself so hard. I tell her that is like telling a bird not to fly. I spend time there to give the recruits time in town. It has been awhile since they had time away from there studies. Mid tells me that there is some trouble over in the small village to the north. It has been some time since I made my rounds, so why not head over to the village and see what is happening.
The following day, I tell them where we are going, but not the full reason why. The white mage gives me a an inquisitive look but keeps the opinions to himself. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank goodness, the black mage didn’t drink to much, they blow up enough stuff when they’re sober



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